Get Ready To Feel Great Again With Melanotan 2

Get Ready To Feel Great Again With Melanotan 2

During the 2000s, the melanotan 2 peptide and the metabolite derived from it, the erectile dysfunction-focused Bremelanotide (also known as PT-141), were patented and then licensed biotechnology companies hoping to develop them into profitable prescription drugs. However, these companies also offer the peptides for direct sale to researchers.

Product made for our benefit

Melanotan is a lab-made chemical that is similar to a hormone found in people. Be careful not to confuse melanotan-II with melatonin, and melanotan is given as a shot to produce erections in men with ED (erectile dysfunction), tan the skin, and prevent skin cancers caused by sun exposure.

Possibly effective for numerous things

Producing erections in men with ED (erectile dysfunction), when given as a shot under the skin.

  • Tanning of the skin, when given as a shot under the skin.
  • Preventing skin cancers due to sun exposure, when given as a shot under the skin.
  • Other conditions.

melanotan 2

How does it work?

Anyhow, melanotan 2 is similar to a substance in our bodies, called melanocyte-stimulating hormone, which increases the production of skin darkening pigments. It might also work in the brain to stimulate erections of the penis. 

The safe quality product

Additionally, it is possibly safe when used under medical supervision for treating ED (erectile dysfunction). It may cause nausea, stomach cramps, decreased appetite, flushing, tiredness, and yawning.

Dosing consideration for this product

The following doses have been studied in scientific research:

  • For causing an erection in men with ED: the typical dosage of melanotan-II is 0.025 mg/kg.
  • For tanning skin: the typical dosage of melanotan-II is 0.025 mg/kg.

How melanin injections work

Tanning injections come in two forms: melanotan I and melanotan II. Both types of injections work by replicating alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone in our body. This hormone binds to melanocortin receptors and stimulates the production of the pigment melanin in our skin cells. The more melanin our skin cells produce, the darker our skin appears.

Effective as well as long-lasting product

  • Melanotan I lasts longer in your body than Melanotan II before being broken down by enzymes. Melanotan I is known as afamelanotide when used medically.
  • Afamelanotide is sold under the brand name Scenes, and it’s used to prevent phototoxicity in people with a condition called erythropoietic protoporphyria. People with this rare genetic disorder experience severe pain when their skin is exposed to sunlight and artificial lights.
  • Also, melanotan 2 binds with a wider range of receptors than Melanotan I and has a shorter life in our body, making it a more effective product. Our tanning solution, also known as MT2, is a widely renowned solution that will stimulate the body’s natural tanning abilities, allowing us to tan with minimal sunlight.

That’s why; we should use the best natural product available in the market to resolve all of our problems.