In the world of cannabis, there are currently 1,420 different strands that are bred by very dedicated persons around the world which are recognized along with its auto-flowers and feminized versions, but this also includes the identification of its landrace or its place of origin because it still matters.

The 1,420 different strands are the ones that are currently identified and recognized by many but there are more that are undocumented and introduced formally and regularly, there are new strands of cannabis that is bred all over the world.

One of the most popular strands is the Black Widow which is a hybrid type of cannabis which means, there are two existing strands that were propagated and pollinated to produce a new strand. This Sativa dominant hybrid cannabis have already received numerous awards which include the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup because of its potency when it comes to giving that high trippy feeling it gives to its users which is topped with the euphoric bliss.

Its strain parents are Sativa from South America and the Sativa from South India. Black Widow can be reproduced through the use of its seeds. The Black Widow Regular Seeds are widely available in many Cannabis specialty shops in countries that legalize the use of it.

It can cause mild body high because of its Indica heritage which leaves the person stuck sitting on the couch for hours feeling the high with dry eyes and mouth coupled with some minor headaches, paranoia, and dizziness. Its originator or creator, Shantibaba, a legendary cannabis breeder and hybrid maker who is also one of the owners of Green House Seeds, used the Brazilian Sativa as the mother and the South Indian Indica as the dominant father to create the hybrid and resulted to the production of Black Widow.

Black Widow is popular among people who want to use cannabis for recreation, relaxation and of course for happy moments because it obviously makes you more relaxed compared to other strands and also it sets your mood to become jolly and giggly at little things and most of all, it makes your appetite go a notch higher.

When it comes to planting Black Widow, it takes seven to nine weeks to grow an average plant while for a bigger plant, it takes ten to 12 weeks maximum. Its distinct smell is skunky, with the mix of sage, and minty smell.

A lot of people who wants to gain weight use this to increase their appetite and their desire to eat more than often while other people use it to battle anxiety, stress and also insomnia because of its properties that are very closely related to Indica that also helps people who are suffering from chronic pain but be careful because Black Widow can make you very lazy and drowsy and it is not recommended to be used if you are scheduled to have a physical activity and it is recommended to be used during night time.

If you are planning to grow a Black Widow Regular Seeds one at your place, it is best grown indoors or inside a greenhouse. Rainfall is not suitable for this kind of strand that is why nurturing one indoors is the only way to increase its yield.