A Short Guide To Learn About Teleconsultation Singapore

With the interconnected mobile health, digital health, health IT, and telemedicine constantly changing with new developments, it can be difficult to define these terms. The terms “telehealth” and “telemedicine” are frequently used interchangeably in the healthcare industry. However, this is not surprising because the given definitions of telehealth and telemedicine encompass very similar services, such as medical education, patient consultation via video conferencing, e-health patient monitoring, health wireless applications, image medical report transmission, and many more.


However, telemedicine is a subset of telehealth if you want to get technical. Whereas telehealth refers to all health services delivered via telecommunications technology, telemedicine only refers to clinical services. Hopefully, 

the concept is getting smooth for you. Therefore, by the time you hear about telemedicine, you will be able to help them with the terms and clear their confusion. Several services offer medical care through teleconsultation singapore


What is teleconsultation?


Teleconsultations are doctor consultations conducted over the internet. This can be done via your mobile phone, tablet, or computer, depending on where you are and the most convenient for you. During the pandemic, this was the most used tool to connect people for medical consultations. Following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, medical teleconsultations using various technologies have become an important tool in many countries for mediating communication between general practitioners (GP) and patients in primary health care. The quality of GP-patient communication is an important factor in improving treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction.


Is teleconsultation effective?


Telemedicine consultation plays an important role in controlling Covid-19 by enabling remote care for patients who require healthcare services, thereby protecting both patients and physicians from unnecessary virus exposure. Most patients believe that teleconsultation is as good as a face-to-face visit and recognise the positive impact on the quality of communication between the patient and the doctor. During telephone consultations, patients felt they were being listened to, understood, and received emotional support and respect from the doctor.


The development of mutual trust in the clinician-patient relationship has been an especially important feature of successful telemedicine. Overall, as per the recent reports, patients reported high satisfaction when communicating with their GP via telecommunications. So, if you are looking for teleconsultation singapore, then hopefully, this guide was fruitful for you. In conclusion, teleconsultation is time and costs efficient to address medical and health problems.