30 Healthy Habits Every 30-Year-Olds Should Adopt Today

  When you are in your 20s, you live like there is no tomorrow. A perfect description of YOLO, You Only Live Once. But once you hit the 3rd floor, you’ve got to stop throwing caution to the wind and start living healthy.

Check out these 30 healthy habits you need to start adopting

1.Eat Clean

This basically sums it all up. Clean eating just by itself is responsible for more than 50% of your over health. Clean eating means eating only healthy foods, this includes fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, whole foods and avoiding processed foods.

2. Get enough sleep

A normal person should sleep for at least 6-8 hours for the body to rest. Sleep helps your body to relax and it is during sleep that your body heals and repairs worn out tissues.

3.Take care of your mental health

Most people ignore their mental health yet our brain is the one organ responsible for the most aspects of our lives.


This doesn’t have to be rigorous kind of exercise or you spending hours in the gym. Walking is a great form of exercise so just walk more by re-adjusting your daily activities.

5.Eat Superfoods

There is a reason why they are called superfoods. Invest in a couple of them like moringa, Chia seeds, Turmeric, these are all locally available. Just find ways to incorporate into your meals

6.Eat home-cooked meals

This will help you keep off junk and processed foods. Besides, you can never trust food cooked in bulk in a restaurant. Just cook at home for the sake of your health

7.Drink plenty of water

Water is good for your skin, digestive system and body organs no wonder they say water is life. Drink at least 3 liters of water every day.

8.Avoid carbonated and fizzy drinks

Ever wondered how these drinks are made and the amount of commercial sugar that goes into them? Do your research and you will never touch a single Soda. Just make fresh juice instead

9.Avoid processed foods

This is the number one cause of obesity and lifestyle diseases. Avoid, avoid, and avoid processed foods at all cost. They are a real temptation I know but they are also the real devil to your body.

10.Avoid junks

I know you have heard of this phrase for times without count but I will still insist, avoid junk foods and snack for the sake of your healthy body.

11.Stay away from negative minded people

 Negativity is like cancer, it leaves you with very little hope in life. Try to be positive in life and you will see a difference in your overall health. Positive people are rarely sick by the way. On that same note, avoid negative and toxic people in your life, as I said negativity is like cancer, it spreads and eats you up slowly.

12.Take time to rest

It may seem impossible to just take a day and rest because of your hectic schedule but it is recommended that you do. That is why we have 2 days out of the 7days in a week to rest. Am sure God knew we needed rest in our lives.

13.Cultivate peace in your life

Peace of mind equals a peaceful life and for a healthy balanced life, this is key. Learn how to deal with difficult and stressful situations because some illnesses are stress-related such as migraines.

14.Create long-lasting relationships

Unfortunately, your social life also determines your overall health. Create a healthy vibrant social life by cultivating good relationships

15.Create and stick to a skincare routine

If you want to age with a glowing, radiant and healthy skin, start taking care of it now. Create a routine and stick to it.

16.Start your day with a glass of hot water

You can add a slice of lemon if you want to and a pinch of cayenne pepper. This helps you detox your body every morning to jumpstart your body organs and maximize their functionality

17.Detox every so often

You can do make home-made detox with available ingredients. Detoxing is good for your body. It helps it get rid of toxins in your system, Do this at least once a year or when you feel you need to.

18.Invest in an anti-aging cream

The sooner the better, don’t wait for wrinkles to start dealing with them. Prevention is less costly.

19.Cut back on sugar and wheat

Two very bad culprits of gaining weight. Cut back on the two as much as you can and you will not be worried about weight gain especially around your tummy

20.Cut back on salt

If you didn’t want to end up with high blood pressure, please stay away from too much salt. In fact, don’t put a salt shaker on the dining table to avoid adding more salt to your food.

21.No cell phones in bed

Log out of your social media and put the phone away. Using your phone during your bedtime will destruct you from getting sleep and may take you longer to fall asleep. And we all know why sleep is important

22.Control your alcohol intake

Your 20s was the time for you to experience life with alcohol and drink yourself silly. Now it’s  time to make adjustments to your intake. Alcoholism is real so just drink moderately

23.Don’t eat when you are not hungry

You don’t have to eat Just because it is lunchtime and everyone else is eating. If you are not hungry just don’t eat. That is excess calories you pilling up in your body yet it is not in need of.

24.Avoid “potato-couching”

Sitting all day in the house doing nothing but watching movies may seem a cool way to relax but overdoing it is actually detrimental to your health. Get up and be active

25.Make regular gynecological visits

Ensure you visit your gynae at least once every year to check for any arising gynecological issues. Things like cervical cancer are silent diseases that are fatal

26.Invest in a  good face moisturizer with SPF

It doesn’t require much to have a healthy skin as skin product manufacturers have made us believe. Just drink plenty of water and invest in a good moisturizer with a good amount of sunscreen

27.Wash your hands as often as possible

Most stomach diseases and infections are passed through our contaminated hands so wash your hands before handling any food.

28.Practice safe sex

This goes without saying that safe sex means healthy you. Sexually transmitted diseases and infections are very hard to treat and some have very serious complications such as infertility

29.Take care of your teeth

Teeth are the most neglected parts of our body yet the most painful when infected. Brush your teeth at least twice every day. Flossing will also help to remove the organisms in between your teeth that bring bacteria that cause tooth decay and other teeth problems

30.Don’t shop when hungry

This is the quickest way to shop for unhealthy foods. Make your way to the grocery shops only when you are full and won’t be tempted to take on any ready food or junk food for a quick bite