Benefits of Selecting a Non 12-Step Rehab Process for Your Loved Ones

Benefits of Selecting a Non 12-Step Rehab Process for Your Loved Ones

Since the 1930s, the classical and traditional approach for providing free and confidential support to alcohol and other addicts has been the 12-step recovery process as part of the court-ordered rehabilitation program.

As opposed to a 12-Step program which treats the problem as a dependency on the addiction as incurable, a Non 12-Step healing process follows a more scientific approach promoting a sense of self-empowerment and defies addiction as a disease which can’t be overcome and follows a more secular approach.

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Scientific Approach

An individualistically designed scientific method based on the latest medical developments, dual diagnosis and understanding behavioral patterns helps in a speedy and more holistic treatment of the problem. Rather than relying on outdated techniques, a Non 12-Step approach involves a combination of medical, psychological and psychiatric intervention which provides a comprehensive support system.

Treatments include detoxification, psychotherapy, physical therapy and nutrition, cognitive behavior therapy and alternative therapies like tai chi, yoga, meditation,and acupuncture.

History Based Treatment

A fundamental component for successful treatment involves studying the patient’s case history to understand what worked well and what did not. It gives a fresh perspective to help identify repetitive methods and makes the therapist more aware of the individual behavioral patterns. A scientific treatment plan can be designed to prescribe the required medications and alternative treatment strategies.

Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a complex process of reading the behavioural patterns and psychology of the individual and guide them on how to manage/avoid the cravings or trigger points like stress or anger through recollection of the negative feelings and bad experiences and re-empowering them to have a positive reflection without turning to their additions.

Through group therapy, motivational sessions and systematic therapy, individuals are positively encouraged and equipped with the art of developing stronger interpersonal relationships with family and peers to help relax the mind from unhealthy distractions.For More Information About non 12 step rehab, Please Check Provided Link.


There is a variety of medicines available to help control the feelings of extreme cravings, frequent mood swings, irregular sleep,and irritation. Although medications to treat alcohol and nicotine addictions have been developed, it is believed that this treatment needs to be supported with required counseling.

Research has proven that Non 12-Step process is more scientific and long lasting in effect. Patients have responded positively to the treatment and experienced a greater spiritual satisfaction undergoing the procedures which provide the required impetus to keep themselves free from the addiction. Be aware and be ready to fight the challenge.