Clinics Offering Eight Constitutional Medicine And Acupuncture Services

8 constitutional medicine

Constitutional medicines came up after a study which said that everyone is based on a constitution and the treatments and medications required are different for people of different constitutions. The study also told that everyone in this world gives a unique response to any medical condition which makes it necessary for the 8 constitutional medicine to be made available.

8 constitutional medicine

Acupuncture is one of the types of treatments which can help people recover from a normal medical condition as well as a serious one. Acupuncture has been useful to treat medical conditions like a digestive problem, respiratory problems, pain conditions, fatigue conditions by delaying fatigue and many other medical conditions.

What are constitutional medicines all about?

The constitutional medicines help to diagnose any specific problem according to your constitution. The fact that people tend to give unique responses in different situations gives a conclusion that people are built with unique constitutions which depend on a variety of factors such as physiology and the genetic factors which plays the most important role in building up a constitution of a person.

It is very important to know about the constitution of a person before giving the person any medications or treatments. Without a proper diagnose of the constitution of a person, it is impossible to decide what would be helpful for a person and what would not be. There are in total 8 constitutional medicine found out which would help diagnose the constitution of a person.

What Exactly Is ECM Acupuncture?

According to the ECM and TCM, the body has various systems and organs connected by paths for the transfer of energy. When these pathways face any type of problem, the body is affected badly which causes various medical issues or conditions. If there are a smooth flow and transfer of energy in every part of the body, the health of a person remains good.

There are two types of acupuncture treatments:

  • TCM Acupuncture: In the TCM acupuncture technique there are various needles which are thin are inserted along the pathways for the flow of energy which in turn helps in bringing the flow of energy to normal making the organs and systems of the body function once again. The TCM acupuncture treatment is a little bit time consuming but the patients find the treatment very comforting due to the less time needed to complete the treatment.
  • ECM Acupuncture: The ECM acupuncture treatment is less time consuming than the TCM treatments but the relaxation is compromised for the time. The ECM acupuncture treatment works really fast and heals very quickly.

The eight constitutional medicines have played a very important role in providing best-needed treatment to people while keeping their constitution in mind.