Get treatment from specialists for bones

Get treatment from specialists for bones


OrthofootMD is the centre for orthopaedics and is well-known orthopaedic division. OrthofootMD strives to provide the best possible patient experience while maintaining a high standard of treatment. At orthofootMD, all orthopedic disorders, from the most common to the most complicated, are treated with the same level of skill. Your comfort and well-being are at the heart of all they do. A commitment to care from the diagnostic stage through rehabilitation and beyond is made possible by the use of cutting-edge medical facilities, highly skilled physicians, and a well-trained team.

Consult with an Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Specialist if you have any questions.

Various disorders such as fractures, sprains, and infections may cause injury to the foot and ankle, which is a complex structure. You are prone to common orthopedic ailments such as ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, hammer, and claw toe while participating in high-impact sports or even just going about your everyday business in Singapore.

You should seek medical help if the discomfort continues and you are unable to walk without assistance. Additionally, if your foot develops swelling in the heel or arch region, this indicates damage that needsimmediate medical attention. In the event that you suffer from a foot or ankle ailment, it is critical to understand when it is necessary to visit a center and see an orthopaedic expert or surgeon. Next, your doctor will recommend the most suitable therapy or surgical procedure to help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

The care model makes certain that you get the appropriate care and treatment from the appropriate practitioner at the appropriate time. The teams of qualified and experienced orthopaedic specialists are committed to providing care using the most up-to-date treatment approaches and a wide range of orthopaedic specializations. Whenever a joint, bone, or tendon fails to function properly, we make it our duty to assist you in returning to a life that you like as quickly as possible via the provision of complete treatments and uncompromising perfection.

The musculoskeletal system includes the bones, joints, nerves, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and other soft connective tissues. Doctors and surgeons provide patients with comprehensive and cutting-edge therapies for disorders affecting the musculoskeletal system.


According to the professionals, patients and their families should be included in an educated and shared decision-making process. Additionally, patients get a full analysis of their symptoms as well as an explanation of all non-operative and operational therapy options available to them.