To control discomfort and inflammation, physiotherapy may be helpful

To control discomfort and inflammation, physiotherapy may be helpful


In Singapore, elbow, wrist, and hand injuries are among the most frequent injuries suffered by people. The application of excessive force may produce accidents and falls, physical trauma, or simply by the natural wear and tear of the body over time. Everyone will suffer some degree of elbow, wrist, or hand discomfort at some point in their lives; early diagnosis and treatment are highly advised to avoid the injury deteriorating over time. Wrist pain may be defined as any discomfort felt in the wrist. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common cause of this condition. Wrist injury, arthritis, and gout are all frequent reasons for this condition. Wrist discomfort is often caused by sprains or fractures that occur as a result of blunt trauma. On the other hand, Wrist discomfort may be caused by long-term issues such as repetitive stress injury, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. The wrist pain treatment Singapore at Rapid Physiocare is effective in providing the best care.

The medical practitioner understands the root cause of the pain

Because there are so many reasons that may cause wrist discomfort, pinpointing the precise cause can be challenging. However, a correct diagnosis is critical for effective therapy and recovery. Every member of our staff has received extensive training to assist you in achieving your healthiest self. Rapid Physiocare will aim to provide you with Professional Integrity, Sustained Support, Total Dedication, and Heartfelt Care – all of which you deserve – while remaining true to our core principles.

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To assist you with pain management and relief for your elbow, wrist, or hand injury, the team of highly qualified physiotherapists can provide you with various physiotherapy treatments.The wrist joint is involved in a variety of basic motions, including typing and writing. When pain develops, it may make it difficult to carry out everyday tasks and potentially reduce a person’s overall quality of life. The wrist does not function as a joint. Instead, it is made up of several tiny joints where the bones of the hand and forearm come together.


Wrist discomfort is becoming more prevalent in Singapore nowadays, owing to the repeated motions of the wrist that we do in our everyday lives. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the most well-known wrist ailment, and it may affect anybody. De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis, often known as trigger finger, is a condition in which the wrist’s ligaments become inflamed due to daily usage or severe strain. The use of nonsurgical alternatives such as physiotherapy, stretching, and massage therapies may assist with pain management and prevention in the vast majority of cases.